VirtualVU is an innovative new broadcast technology that utilizes real-time tracking and 3D image rendering capabilities to generate revolutionary broadcast effects. The technology has functionality in both real-world and virtual environments and enables remote interviews, standalone virtual studios and 360 degree analysis.

The VirtualVU technology debuted as the "hologram" effect on CNN during their 2008 presidential election coverage to an estimated 13 million viewers, the highest primetime rating in the network's 28-year history. Since then, VirtualVU has evolved to offer distinct solutions for live-event coverage and studio-based shows across all areas of broadcasts.

VirtualVU Applications
The 3D remote interview gives user the capability to "beam" subjects into their studio from any distance to conduct real-time face-to face interviews.
VirtualVU's remote rig set-up allows for a full broadcast to be brought to air in a cost-effective and space-efficient manner, revolutionizing how virtual sets operate.
VirtualVU's proprietary software and circular rig allow for 360 degree rotation around a moving subject or captured 3D images of your subject.